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I am 30 years old, and I graduated in Communication.

Favorite phrases:

  • Opportunities once gone do not return
  • Don't say you can't, of course you can, yes you can
  • Children's wings should fly forever...

I grew up on a ranch where freedom and love are found in nature; so I always use the outside, I am in favor of touching the plants, being barefoot and taking care of all living beings, because it feels like a child.

Summarized experience in the world of infants, here I go, for you:

Catechetical teacher in the church to the little ones, teaching a few to read.

Some teachers at my elementary school let me attend their classes as a teacher because they went to workshops elsewhere.

Teacher in a kids club serving more than 10 children of different ages by myself, in a 7 x 7 space without exaggeration.

Elsa Castellon - Nanny Heart

Babysitting at parties, events, trips, and endless activities.

I update my first aid training every 6 months.

English spoken 30%, but thanks to the translator provided by the mobile, the party never stops, especially with the children.

I cry when I see my nephews grow up and learn to say things and I would like to be there to hug them, I love seeing children's faces, have you paid attention to them? They are great, they don't lie.

What can I teach your son?

First of all, that it is him, that he can be free with me, that I don't feel sorry for him, that he tell me his name with strength and security, to mention every word or sound well, because I know I can and I enjoy it.


Emotions management, (I ask in the most loving way to let me do my job as a professional nanny) ... children from 3 years onwards.

Elsa Castellon - Nanny Heart

Loose and trust

Reinforcement in subjects of Spanish, science, or language stimulation, guaranteed fun learning.

Nothing boring, I am hyperactive and happy.

If you want your child to learn to play the flute, I am the one to teach him😍💕

Everything that I am is what I teach and everything that your son is I will learn, here we are all students and teachers.

Nothing forced, because otherwise it is not there.

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