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Count them all first because if you don't count how many stories you tell, you'll never know how many stories you (once) told.

(my) mother does (not remember the wonderful numbers that we had once shared, but I will remember ours because they fulfill the most  important function into you; they open the gateway to your imagination.

By the telling your stories of generosity, friendship, overcoming and respect, your future will have already arrived.  As the evidence of the past, is the foundation of every future.

Dr. Eduard Estivill and the pedagogue-child psychologist Montse Domenech, in their book Stories to Grow, stated it perfectly

in the story children find a reasoned explanation of each value so that they understand its importance and incorporate it naturally into their daily lives; it is an invitation to think and act in a more mature way for their self-esteem and responsibility. For children, the moment of getting ready to listen to a story is a moment full of magic that allows them to enter a world full of fantastic or real adventures.

Gabriel García Márquez told us__ Remember, that the story is an addition to everyday life ...

So we have to thank and respect the stories that teach us so much, and now with you the beautiful story of:

Leo and his bicycle.

Short story for children about frustration

When Leo fell off his bike for the sixth time, he got up very angry.

- I won't try again! - He yelled at his mother who was looking out the window, and went to put the bike in the garage.

- Why don't you let me help you? Shall we put the wheels? You've barely tried!

But Leo refused.

He was not a little boy, he said, crossing his arms over his chest.

His mother looked at him without saying anything; he preferred it to be calmer to talk to the boy.

The next day, when Leo came home from school, his mother took the opportunity to talk to him.

- Do you know how many times I tried to make these croquettes that you like so much? - He said as he cooked and turned the dough into shape.

Leo came over and, after washing his hands, began to help his mother make them, while listening to her.

- At first they came out bland and misshapen; my mother taught me to do them. With how well they turn out for you! - He said, seeing that his son molded them with great ease.-

People have skills for different things, but if you throw in the towel so soon and don't let them help you, you will never make it.

- If you want to learn to ride a bicycle you will have to try again - she said looking at him askance.-Nobody knows how to do it when he is born.

When they finished coating the croquettes, they went out to the garage and between the two of them took the bicycle out into the garden.

- Ride! - her mother said.

Leo got on the bike and started pedaling, but immediately he staggered and his mother had to grab him to keep him from falling to the ground.

"Come on! I'll hold you by the chair," his mother told him.

When Leo started pedaling he felt more confident; this time he kept a few meters straight.

- Again, Leo! You are doing it very well! - Her mother said smiling.

Leo got back on his bike, now with a little more confidence.

His mother grabbed the chair, as before, until Leo took stability, then released it without the child knowing by staying by his side.

- Good Leo! You almost have it! her mother yelled.

And the little one kept pedaling, over and over again.

When Leo saw his father enter through the garden door, he lost his balance and fell to one side, but this time he managed to support himself on his foot and did not fall to the ground.

- Champion! I've seen you from the outside. You already know how to ride a bicycle! - His father yelled happily.

This time it was Leo who got on without anyone telling him anything and started pedaling.

- Look, look! - He shouted to his parents, excited.

And after spending a little while riding a bicycle, Leo and his parents went in for some delicious croquettes for dinner.



Yessi Castillo - Child psychology.

Elsa Castellón - Degree in communication.

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"Nanny Heart - The plus of mom your child needs"

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