FAQ Nanny Heart

Is this a daycare?

No, we are an at home childcare agency. We do not have facilities.

In a last minute emergency, can I call you to request a babysitter?

Our hours of operation for reservations of our services are from 9 am to 9 pm from Monday to Sunday, however, if it is an emergency, you can call us at any time necessary.

What knowledge or skills do the Nannies have?

All nannies are of legal age and have an up-to-date first aid certification . They have high profiles with evidence and references in case clients need to ensure their well-being and that of their family.
Among the main skill sets of our nannies are:
Knowledge in early stimulation
Control of emotions
Toilet training
Child psychotherapy
Child psychology
Speech therapy
Among others.

Do you take care of newborn babies?

We take care of babies from 2 months old, if the mother is nearby.

Do you take care of sick children?

For the safety of our clients and staff we do not care for children with flu, fever or diarrhea. The child must be in good health.

Do you take care of children with different abilities?

Yes of course. We have nannies who have knowledge for children that are differently abled.

How many children can a single Nanny care for?

Up to 3 children if they are older than 2 years.

Can Nannies support events like birthdays?

We offer packages for children's parties. Or any kind of event.

Can the Nanny help with the housework?

Not as such. However, we carry out basic tasks, since our priority is the care of the child.

Do Nannies speak English?

Yes, we have bilingual nannies.

Can the Nanny travel with us inside or outside the country?

Some nannies can, but the details of the service and responsibilities of both parties should be reviewed.

Do Nannies know how to swim or drive?

Most can swim and some can drive, it is important that you specify your need in a timely manner.

Does the babysitter cook too?

The priority of our babysitters is the well-being of your children. They are not in charge of cooking as such, although they do feed the infant at the times that the parents order, take medication, certain special care, etc.

What is the age range of Nannies?

From 19 to 35 years old.

Can I directly hire thee nanny for another service?

No, you must schedule nanny directly through the agency or we are not responsible outside of that.

Is it possible to have a few more hours than previously requested?

Yes of course. Notifying the nanny in advance to allow us time to organize it.

I didn't like the other Nanny, because she paid a lot of attention to her phone, and not to her child.

It is important to communicate everything to the person in charge of the agency.

How much do you charge?

Here you will find our usual rates Nanny Heart Services

What are the options / payment methods?

Transfer, OXXO or directly to the nanny.

Is there a cancellation policy?

Cancellations made within 2 hours after the start of the reservation are subject to a cancellation fee that will depend on the type of service, contact us in case of doubts.

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