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A baby is God's opinion that the world should move on

The above is a reaffirmation of the continuity of life, sometimes due to Covidian stress or the feeling that we lack money, space, things, or travel smile we lose the wonder we have, which is health and being able to enjoy God's opinion, of babies.

So without much preamble, I lovingly share 10 tips, clarifying that there are like a thousand more and that we only have to thank and help others.

1.- cool Do not go the first day. Give mom the opportunity to meet her baby, to be alone with the closest people, it is very uncomfortable to have twenty people watching as if it were on display. Mom can feel very invaded. Physically mom does not feel comfortable at all and will be very tired, if we add to that, the anxiety of wanting to meet a baby after carrying him within 9 months, and breastfeeding (something that is completely new and that most new moms get nervous). Better wait, be careful and ask if you can go before you show up.

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2.- frown Do not go without warning. Make sure to notify the baby's parents, not the cousin, aunt, or mother-in-law, they are not the ones to authorize your visit, only the parents, remember that they are adapting to the new schedule and lifestyle of the baby.

3.- undecided Do not carry the baby if they do not ask you. Newborn babies, whether we like it or not, all they need are their mother's arms, and they are the only thing they know well. And of course, as the novelty is, everyone wants to carry it, but don't worry, nothing happens if you don't carry it for the first two days of life. Give it some space. It's not a bag of chips to be spread around the room.

4.- sealed Wash your hands! And don't kiss the baby. Come on, I don't even have to explain this.

5.- wink If you offer help, it should be with things around the house. If you are visiting the new parents please speak beforehand to see if they need anything. Bring food, it is a nice touch to bring something nutritious (not a cake), I assure you they will appreciate it.

6.- yell Do not go if you are sick. The baby's immune system is still forming, they don't have vaccines, so if you're getting sick or you're already there, better go later; I insist, for not knowing the first 15 days of life the baby will not hate you.

7.- smile Do not give unsolicited advice. Especially if you don't have children. I assure you that parents are informed and know exactly what to do with their baby.

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8.- laughing Don't be loud. Whether in the hospital or at home, remember that you are dealing with a newborn. It is not a recital, be careful and speak at an adequate volume of voice.

9.- innocent Do not take photos. Check with the parents before if you can do it, if they say yes, do not use flash. And please do not upload them to social networks! without authorization.

10.- cry If the baby cries, return it to its mother at that moment. You don't know what it has, only parents will know what to do with the baby.

❤️ In conclusion, all births are different just like babies at birth, do not forget that the most important thing is that you are respectful with the little one, do not insist on carrying him or giving him kisses, you will have a life to do it.

Text by: Elsa Castellón - Lic. In communication

Bibliography: Dexeus

Images: pxhere.com & pexels.com

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