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Surely and without fear of writing this information will seem a bit out of context, but today, what is in context?

I will try to start with everyday simplicities such as: you remember that your grandmother or your mother said that they felt a pang in the heart and it was because some child was surely in complications, or they sensed something very similar...

It is scientifically proven that the heart is not only responsible for pumping blood to all parts of the body, but this is not the subject, when you are ready you can investigate it.

Life is an apprenticeship, without going to other parables or metaphors, because they are very beautiful and magical, the blog would not be enough to address it. There are times when misfortunes occur, or children who are born in places without resources, or in unfavorable environments, but there are theological currents that indicate that everything happens in order to achieve learning, necessary for that soul to evolve and help others. that are around you.

In general, we can say that it is the parents who decide to bring their children into this world, provide them with a respectful upbringing and education, and love them unconditionally throughout their lives. If, on the other hand, it were true that children also choose their parents, there is nothing more beautiful than reciprocated love, and love, scientifically who defends it, is not visible, at least we do not go to the store to buy a kilo of love, but we all need a good dose, and it is one of the highest vibration feelings, blessed be love. If then we achieve a reciprocated love between parents and children or children and parents, not only are we their life guides, but they also become our most enriching teachers.

The soul of children choose their parents

Some ancient beliefs state that the soul of a baby chooses its parents. Of course, it is impossible to affirm that it is a real fact since there is no exact science that demonstrates it, in fact, science only studies what is empirically demonstrable, so there is very little that it can contribute to the development of these theories, however, there are many experiences and emotions of mothers that can ensure this statement as something real and magical.

Babies choose their family before they are born

The soul of children choose their parents - Nanny Heart

The soul is an intimate aspect of the personality that differentiates us from others, that is something that makes us different and unique, but at the same time allows us to connect with the people around us in a deeper and more spiritual way. All of us born and raised in this world have a soul, and although being from the same place we should think the same way and act the same, it really isn't. This profound distinction is attributed to the soul. According to the ancestral Kundalini philosophy, the baby chooses its parents 3 months in advance and the decision will depend solely on the karmic purpose of the soul.

The ancient Kundalini theory was taken up by Master Yoghi Bhajan. According to this theory, once the soul of a new being has decided to go down into the world and reincarnate again, the first thing it does is choose the type of life it is destined to have according to the life lessons it wishes to learn.

The decision will depend solely on the karmic purpose of that soul. By experiencing past experiences, souls often seek to remain in the same families, to resolve important karmic issues. Once the baby's soul chooses its parents, a kind of connection is created in sync with the mother's energy as the baby waits for its birth at the right time. Sometimes even the connections with the soul of the baby occur before the parents get married, but the soul has already made its choice and is simply waiting for the ideal moment to reincarnate.

A scientific explanation

Dr. Rick Strassman, in his book "DMT: The Spirit Molecule" states that the human soul incarnates in the body in the seventh week after conception, using the pineal gland as a spiritual channel and the molecule dimethyltryptamine (DMT) as a catalyst. .

DMT is a substance that the brain generates naturally, similar to serotonin; According to historians, the pineal gland is considered the spiritual center of the human organism, related to religious visions.

The author concludes: that there is a possibility that the gland controls the entrance and exit of the spirit to the body, thus explaining near-death experiences. DMT is detected in the human fetus at 49 days of gestation (which is how long it takes for a soul to reincarnate according to Bardo Thodol in his Tibetan book of Death).

What we call motherhood

Perhaps, it is difficult to believe when we talk about spiritual matters, since everyone has their different beliefs, cultures and styles of thinking. However, the only explanation I can give for this spiritual connection between a mother and her child is motherhood.

Perhaps we cannot understand in a spiritual way how it is that the soul travels and enters our body to give us life, the only thing that matters is that we are here and now, that we are mothers and that we have to fulfill a great mission in life. life.

Congratulations, you were chosen.

 Text by: Elsa Castellón - Lic. In communication


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