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Don't run, don't be scared, what happens to your baby has an inexpensive solution and it won't do any other harm!

We will emphasize that this text is not fighting with doctors or medicines, on the contrary, it tries to join, so that we first act naturally and then do what is appropriate, just like the birth itself.

This year 2023, I am no longer just a babysitter, but a new mom, and like many mothers, we will no longer say, worried, but busy, we have learned and studied more on the subject:

How to solve certain health problems that a baby presents, without affecting other areas...

When I say that we have studied a lot on the subject, in my personal case it is because I had great teachers, and with the support of some well-founded studies seen on the Internet, I undertook the task of comparing them...

It is worth mentioning the contributions of my grandmother and my mother, ranch women, with a long history in the use of plants and everything that one can easily have at home; If you live on a ranch feel lucky, there you find the best doctors, our mothers; being one with mother earth.

So I am also a mother and I would like my daughter not to have to absorb medicines that help heal one part and damage another, but we must be realistic; Someday our children will have to take a pill or a product that is not 100% natural, and there is no more, to prepare, so that it is as late as possible or the last outing.

I share with you the following with great affection:

I lived 17 years on a ranch, at that time, I had an apprenticeship that sometimes made me laugh, because I couldn't believe that biting a few mint leaves would take away my hiccups or stomach ache... Nor did I really believe in ginger with cinnamon and onion, to treat coughs or flu, I learned this from my grandmother, as well as the use of burnt tomatoes to cure sore throats.

Healing babies naturally - Nanny Heart

But, of course… you have to mention:

-I can't make my baby bite a few leaves at birth or after a few months!

-But, if you can make him smell it…

Today, thanks to science, we can discard certain myths or customs from before with medicinal plants, but also accept and value some recipes that are scientifically effective.

Please, do not forget that each child is different, that everything in excess is bad, that we should not leave our little ones unsupervised at any time, even less if they are sick or if we are experiencing something new in them.

Babies are always the ones who guide us, they tell us how to treat them, we say that they do not communicate verbally but they do; crying is her way of speaking to us, through her emotions and her skin.

If you are a first-time mom or dad, your great teacher is your child, there is no manual that says how to do the best for your little one.

 You have your son in your hands!

I will make a list of the things that worked for me personally with my daughter, and others that I have not had to practice, but I know of other dear mommies, who have had good results.

  1. Onion, cut and use half under the bed, overnight to decongest the nose. I should mention that I placed it very close to her nose, while she was sleeping and I was watching that piece of onion, be patient if you want to see results. You will start to get nasal discharge; It is normal and we are just looking for that effect.

Remember that it must be a new onion, not used, the more it smells, the better.

  1. Garlic, if your little one is bitten by a mosquito, you can spread garlic in the form of soft touches, without doing anything else. Do not abuse the pressure or quantity, because you can irritate him.

In Hong Kong, garlic is commonly used to treat skin infections or boils, helping tissues to regenerate. In addition to the fact that from 6 months of age, the little ones can already eat certain portions.

  1. Lettuce, today, every father or mother is interested in their son sleeping as if he came to earth for that, but it never happens that way; then, at bath time, you can put a piece of lettuce to boil (washed and disinfected is recommended), until the water turns an almost yellow-green color, depending on your lettuce, and use that water for your shower.

You can also do the same with orange leaves, if it is in your power, to be able to tell the tree to allow you its healing leaves. Talking to your child who surely doesn't understand you is as important as talking to the tree to help us heal. Ask permission, for your leaves to cut.

  1. Breast milk, according to https://www.mayoclinic.org/es-es/diseases-conditions/diaper-rash/diagnosis-treatment/drc-20371641, a study showed that applying breast milk to the area with diaper rash It is an effective and safe treatment. Babies with diaper rash were treated with 1% hydrocortisone ointment or breast milk. The study included 141 babies. Treatment with breast milk was as effective as ointment alone.

You've probably also heard of the evil eye; It happened to me when I was a child, when I was 6 years old, and I remember that with a few drops of breast milk that they put directly into my eye, it healed as if by magic. That breast milk was from a neighbor; Let's always give thanks, to the mothers who give milk, for this beautiful gift to humanity.

Healing babies naturally - Nanny Heart

  1. Sabila or Aloe vera, this plant is also used in many childhood diseases. For example, it can be a good option to cure the navel, reduce fever, reduce the symptoms of chickenpox or measles, cure irritations caused by diapers... it is a very complete plant!

After many studies, it has been proven that this plant is very good for the skin of babies. Let's keep in mind that aloe vera will not only help to regenerate the skin when a wound occurs thanks to its healing properties, but it also offers other benefits to the skin of the little ones; The plant helps the baby's hygiene to be adequate and above all it helps calm or alleviate skin irregularities. Remembering that skin irregularities are usually very common in babies a few months old.

Many pediatricians are the ones who recommend this plant for atopic dermatitis. This that comes next, we must be very clear:

Aloe vera in its raw, unprepared form is generally considered safe when applied topically, according to Kids First Pediatrics. However, they strongly advise against giving it to your baby orally or as a supplement. According to the World Health Organization (WHO), the fresh preparation should be harvested using clean leaves that are peeled back to reveal a "fillet" of gel that can then be applied topically.

The uses of aloe vera are multiple. According to the WHO, it is commonly used in the treatment of burns, inflamed skin, rashes, and as a general moisturizer.

Pediatric home care nurse Elizabeth Cole, of New York, notes that to safely put aloe vera on a baby's skin: "As long as they're not allergic to it, it should be fine, but the plant could have many pesticides or dirt, so make sure it's really clean."

  1. Valerian (Valeriana officinalis L.) I have never been in contact with valerian, but it is also widely used in children to treat sleep problems and hyperactivity. Various publications demonstrate its safety and efficacy, but almost none have been carried out in children. In 2002, a controlled clinical trial was published with 5 children between the ages of 7 and 14 with some intellectual deficiency, who were administered an extract of V. edulis to treat their sleep problems. The result was positive, since the sleep difficulties in these children were largely overcome, without registering adverse effects.
  2. Peppermint infusion, one of my favorites even for cooking, this is a home remedy that can help our baby's skin a lot, it helps the sensation of dryness to calm down and the dermis to be much more relaxed, because it is also anti-inflammatory and contributes to the skin being in better condition.
  3. Chamomile extract is used as a home remedy for intestinal issues, because it protects the stomach, also chamomile can also be beneficial for baby's skin. It is a medicinal plant with soothing action, which is also anti-inflammatory and antiseptic. To use it against dryness, it is necessary to prepare it with the help of water and let it cool. Afterwards, it is necessary that we use a fine cotton, and with this we can go over the driest areas of the child's skin so that they recover their elasticity.

What a great wonder, I am loving the chamomile!

If the baby's dry skin persists despite home remedies, and it has nothing to do with external factors, the environment or temperature changes, it is necessary to see a pediatrician. Let's not let time take over us, let's act.

And so the next question should be of great value to this blog.

Healing babies naturally - Nanny Heart

From what age can children take plants?

The pediatric population can be divided into different subgroups:

Less than 36 weeks are considered premature

More than 36 weeks, they are full-term newborns

From zero to one month, they are neonates

From one month to 24 months, they are lactating

From 2 to 6 years old, they are early childhood children

From 7 to 12 years old, they are second childhood children

From 12 to 18 years old, they are teenagers

Premature infants, newborns, and neonates should never take medicinal plant remedies or administer any type of medication, as they are very vulnerable to the effects of any medication or plant and may present complications.

To finish this text, we will once again emphasize that we are not against any doctor, it was a short list of many plants that can help us in difficult times when perhaps there is no doctor, do not forget that the health of our people is in our hands. our children, we are doing very well, with all the precautions.

Thank you for reading

Text by: Elsa Castellón

Images: pxhere.com & pixabay.com

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