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25 years old, student of Psychology

Favorite phrases:

  • If you don't live to serve, you don't serve to live.
  • A dose of love cures everything.
  • Nothing has more impact on children's lives than the time they spend with you.

Since I can remember I have loved interacting with children. I identify myself so much with them, that despite not being a girl anymore, I always achieve that "click" that makes us imagine and create a world for ourselves, to the point of traveling and feeling like when I was a child, I love that part of my life, for I enjoy my work so much.

We do circus, maroma and theater, we invent new games, surprising stories, believe me that your son will not be bored with me and my battery is very well charged all the time.

In each service, with each child and family with whom I have contact, I try to do my best, leave a pleasant experience. I want the children to remember me as a super nanny, to impregnate them with happiness and enthusiasm, since you are only a child once in your life, nothing better than leaving beautiful footprints.

When it comes to interacting, I become the age of children, with great ease and I am not exaggerating I can understand their language, their tastes in a couple of minutes, that is my gift. I like that children trust me and feel free and safe being with me.

Always in all my services when I say goodbye, they tell me "another little while" "don't go" "are you coming tomorrow?" I'm going to miss you a lot. "

It is impressive the footprint that you can leave a child, that even though the years go by they remember you as if it were yesterday, and it is nostalgic to see them grow, but it is more the satisfaction and joy of seeing them fulfilled and happy.

I consider myself a nice, outgoing, patient, empathetic, kind, respectful, punctual and responsible person. I like to be at peace with myself and with others.

My qualities:

wink I have a vocation for service and more towards children, I take care of them, take care of them, and treat them with affection
wink Organized and clean; I like to establish an organization so that they are always well attended: meal times, snacks or lunches, bath time; always maintaining order and hygiene.

Mariela Castellón . Nanny Heart

I am currently studying psychology and I would like to continue preparing myself. In my years of study I have taken several courses on various topics, such as:

  • Special psychoeducational needs
  • Sign language and braille
  • Neurodevelopment
  • Neuropsychology
  • I have the CPR course updated.

I want to continue interacting with children, to prepare myself more professionally, which is why I want to specialize in child psychology. In this way contribute to the study of children's behavior, as well as the evolution of physical, motor, cognitive, perceptual, affective and social aspects.

Childhood is the most beautiful stage of the human being, but this is not always the case, which is why the importance of child psychology, to help children face these adversities.

Among my personal tastes are singing (I feel like I'm not doing so bad), board games, doing crafts, theater, acting, doing some kind of sport, and I like dogs, I have a beautiful puppy.

During my experience as a babysitter I have shared beautiful and unforgettable moments with the children and their families ...

  • Children's parties, I am not ashamed to make a fool of myself while I receive the sincere smile of the children, I can easily put on a botarga, play a clown, and imitate characters. Organize games, the piñata, etc.
  • Accompaniment to trips, I am a reliable nanny, and very discreet.
  • Weddings, beach events, group management.

One of the most significant values ​​for me and that I like to transmit to children, is the value and respect for differences and empathy, “Always teach children that all human beings have different characteristics that make us have a value unique as people "

My purpose is to leave a positive teaching that transcends for generations.

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