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19 YEARS OLD, student in Chemistry Pharmaceutical Biology

 I am bilingual, I have 80% English, I can swim, dance, skate, cook among other qualities.

 Since I saw chemistry in high school, I realized that it was something that made it much easier for me, I find each of the things that chemistry brings interesting, that's why my love for her

 Favorite phrases:

  •  You are not what you achieve, you are what you overcome.
  •  Your only limit is YOU!
  •  Do not lower the goal INCREASE THE EFFORT

When I made the decision to share time with children I realized that I had an innate talent of being able to interact with them, since since my childhood I had a chemistry to live together and enjoy those moments of conviviality.

That is why when I had the opportunity to Starting with this responsibility of working with infants, I was so surprised that I realized that I still have that patience to be able to share my time with them.

Nanny Sofia - Nanny Heart

Either taking care of them, interacting, playing in such a way that I enjoy doing all kinds of things at all times. activities and find a way to have fun and learn together throughout the process that lasts my stay with them.

We carry out sports activities, we invent games according to the child's age, crafts and storytelling, making this work a world of fun, adventures and learning.  His son will be happy and happy with me and my energy will be total for him all the time.

In each service, with each child and family with whom I have contact, I give my best, I am moved when the children remember me as a babysitter who transported them to a world of happiness and harmony, since the happiness of a child It is not equated with anything, it is the most beautiful thing in life.  and something important I do my best to give confidence to the parents.

When it comes to interacting, I transport myself back to my childhood making it easier to understand them so that together we can feel in harmony.  I like that children trust me and feel free and safe being with me.

The footprint you can leave on a child is impressive, despite the passing years, they remember you with love knowing that at one point in their life I was with them.

Nanny Sofia - Nanny Heart

I consider myself a cheerful, nice, patient, kind, respectful, punctual, honest, hard-working and responsible person.  I like to be at peace with myself and with others.


 My qualities:

 I have a vocation and responsibility in the work towards children, I take care of them, I take care of them, and I treat them with affection

  Responsible, understanding, self-sufficient and clean, I like to be organized with the times and establish meal times, activities, and above all the safety of the child.


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