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Mommy, have you heard of EARLY STIMULATION?

Stimuli are all the things that surround us, for example: sounds, toys, caresses, voice, plants, smells, sun, light and much more.

And it is called "Early" because the stimuli are provided to children from birth to the first 5 or 6 years of life.

Therefore "Early Stimulation" is the set of exercises, games and other activities with the aim of developing their capacities to the maximum, providing them in their first years of life with the experiences they need for the maximum development of their physical, mental, emotional and social; potentiating each one of them and avoiding the risk of delay in their development.

Then we can specify that Early Stimulation has the objective of potentiating the development of the child in all its areas of development, through stimuli that are within reach and some more structured.

When the little ones present some development deficit, it allows, in most cases, to take them to the corresponding level for their chronological age.

The stimulation activities are planned with respect to the development guidelines that children follow and are applied according to the age in months of the child and the degree of development of it.

What are we going to stimulate in a girl or boy?

We will stimulate the areas of psychomotor development: movement, coordination, language and socialization.


The girl or boy begins her development with movement.

She develops large movements such as: crawling, standing, walking, and running.

She develops small movements such as: grasping objects with her fingers, painting, drawing, playing musical instruments and others.


Since the girl or boy is born, she sees, hears, and perceives things and the environment that surrounds her.

This area is related to the development of the senses and thought.

Develops thinking, the ability to reason, pay attention, and follow directions.


The main function of language is communication between people.

The girl or boy develops the first forms of language (agu-agu, screams, laughter).

Later she will develop correct speech and writing.


This area is related to the development of affect and emotions.

It will allow the girl or boy to establish good relationships with her parents and the other people around him.

It develops confidence and self-assurance and helps shape the personality.

What are the early stimulation professionals?

According to the above information, perhaps you have wondered what are the professionals of early stimulation? Well, these may be Psychomotorists, Educators, Social Workers, Doctors, Psychologists or Psychopedagogues.

The profile that these professionals must have, usually correspond to those in the field of health, education or psychology, dealing with the areas of:

Child development and psychology.

Clinical pictures of developmental disorders.

Language development

Care for children with disorders such as Down syndrome

Neurobiology of child development.

Principles of educational, didactic and methodological intervention.

Knowledge of family dynamics.

We always recommend that you review different evaluations, without the desire to discredit or not value the knowledge of other people, with love and humility, remember:

All children are different, but just as valid.

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Reference bibliography

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