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Sarahi Lorenzo Santiago 

31 years old, a nursing assistant technical student.

 My experience with children began when I was 16 years old, since my first job was as a nanny and over time it became more so, since I am the mother of a 9-year-old girl.

 Childhood is the most beautiful stage that I consider people to live.  Every experience gained in it leaves a mark and impact on our lives.

 I consider myself a patient, loving, cheerful, kind, empathetic and social person.

 I like to interact with children in a genuine way, so that they feel safe by my side and free to talk to me and ask for what they need from me without fear, for this I like to joke around and always listen to them.

 I like to propose games or challenges depending on age, also singing, dancing, soccer, board games, drawing, telling stories, I'm very good at that:).

 My qualities:

 Being organized, responsible, clean, tidy, kind and patient

 I follow directions and I am respectful.

 I have my cpr course updated.

Sarahi Lorenzo Santiago - Nanny Heart

Because I should be a nanny to your little one.

For me, the work of being a nanny is very significant and important. I like to treat them with love and respect, as well as continue with the routine and schedules established by the parents. give them the best of me and my 100% attention.

The satisfaction that being a nanny gives me in addition to receiving all the love and nice words from the little ones, I think that not everyone can do this job, and I am pleased to know that I am a person with this aptitude:)


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