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Kenya Shanely Perez Gil.

23 years. Lic. Education Sciences.

Favorite quotes:

  • Always give your best and the best will come.
  •  If you are able to dream it, you are able to achieve it. 
  • Enjoy the little things in life, one day you will realize that they are the biggest. 

My love for children began from a very young age because I dreamed of being able to work with children, and to be able to transmit to them a learning.

I consider myself an outgoing, patient, empathetic, kind, punctual, friendly and responsible person.

My qualities:

  • I have a vocation of service with the children, I take care of them, I take care of them, and I treated them with a lot of love.
  • I am organized, with children's activities, such as bathing, feeding, games, among others.

I currently work in a school in Puerto Vallarta in the preschool area, during my career I have taken the following courses:

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  • The role of nurseries in integral development.
  • Pedagogical actions in the nursery.
  • Mental health care in emergency situations.
  • Prevention and timely detection of child abuse.
  • Educate in diversity.
  • Practice of values.

I want to continue interacting with children, and learning from them. As well as continuing to prepare myself in a professional way, in the area of inclusive education and psychopedagogy, to be able to offer a better service.

Among my personal tastes are dancing, singing, board games, doing crafts, doing some kind of sport, and I like dogs, I have a beautiful puppy named Kira.

During my experience as a teacher I have shared very beautiful and unforgettable moments with the children:

  • Your birthdays
  • Festivals (I have no problem dressing up as any character in order to see my children happy)
  • I love to see how happy children are with creating their own things and seeing what they are able to achieve.

I have 4 years of experience as a nanny:

Nanny Kenia - Nanny Heart

  • Nursery homeland and culture I developed my work as coordinator-educator.
  • Group manager at Wimari School.
  • Private nanny of a girl of 5 years and another of 9 months for more than a year.

What can I teach your child?

First of all teach him that with love and perseverance everything can be achieved, in addition to having confidence and self-confidence to be able to fulfill all his purposes.

During my career I learned to make crafts and games of interaction and entertainment, which favor and develop their creativity.

I can also teach reading, writing, adding, subtracting and any academic activity.

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