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Hi, I'm Jenny Amarantha, I'm 24 years old, I'm a student of my last semester in the School of Languages of the State of Durango, in the career of teaching in English language and I've been living and participating with children of all ages for almost 9 years. 

My favorite phrases are:

-Your passage through the world is unique, don't waste it.

-Make your home a place where you want to return.

-Tenderness is as necessary for love as water is for trees.

-You can't live each day as if it were your last: live it as if it were your first.

-Knowing how to listen, knowing how to say, knowing how to do: the secret of life.

I will tell you my story…

I am a bilingual nanny with 90% spoken and written English since my birthplace was in Midtown Atlanta Georgia but the rest of my life I lived in Durango, Dgo Mexico and I have always loved working with children.

I grew up as the oldest sister of 5 siblings, since I was little I was instilled with very important values such as solidarity, responsibility, love and self-respect.

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I have always believed that children are sponges that can absorb the good and the bad from the people in their care and it is up to us to make a child smiling, happy and full of life.

What I most enjoy doing in life is walking on the beach, watching the ocean, doing yoga, reading, my job as a nanny, studying my college degree as an English teacher and spending time with my siblings.

I consider myself a patient, cheerful, charismatic, honest, cheerful and affectionate person with children, they have always transmitted me tranquility and peace, they make me feel every time I look at them that part of me of wanting to be a child again with their innocence and laughter, I guess they heal my inner self.

In one way or another I am always involved with children, whether it is because of my career, my family, friendships or life in general, and I love it!

Experience of more than 7 years in the care of babies, children and adolescents.

Club Campestre (Bilingual instructor) - Management of groups of up to 15 children (from 3 to 8 years old), accompaniment of specific situations with students, workshops and sports activities.

English teacher (Elementary 1) - 3 months providing practice services in elementary school.

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