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Hello! How's it going…

My name is Monserrath.

21 years

Favorite phrases:

Who is happy will make others happy too.

When you look at the sky at night, as I will live in one of them, it will be for you as if all the stars were laughing, you and only you will have stars that know how to laugh!

My name is Monse, I am from Cancun, I have lived here since I was very little, I have 2 brothers and I am the only woman in my family. I want to tell you a little more about myself, it is a pleasure to be able to support you and learn together. I am an Educational Assistant specialized in early and sensory stimulation for your child; homework assistance, maternal child care and lasactes.

I am an Honest, Dedicated, Committed, Kind, Punctual, Kind nanny. I love learning from the little ones. Every day you learn something new with them.

Childhood is a fundamental stage in the life cycle of human beings, which begins from gestation and extends up to 5 years of age, in which the foundations for cognitive, emotional and social development are established. I really like to educate in a pedagogical and stimulating way for good development since they express themselves in different, artistic, heterogeneous ways (dancing, singing, speaking, painting and above all drawing), imagination and creativity is a of my qualities because for everything there is a solution.

Nanny Montserrath - Nanny Heart

I currently have 5 years of experience caring for babies from 45 days old to 18 months old and children from 2 to 8 years old.

♥ I'll tell you shortly how my love for little ones began♥

When I was 15 years old, my aunt worked in a nursery and she came telling me how beautiful it is to be with children, the songs and activities that she performed and I always told her: Aunt, take me to your work, one day I want to see what it is like to take care of children , I want to see what you do, the day I arrived at the nursery... Since that day I have respect for all the people who are dedicated to the educational field, at that moment I said to myself: you have to study; I started working in the same Sunny nursery in Cancun, from the infant area to pre-kindergarten.

As the months went by I was already studying my Specialty in Educational Assistant, I took care of a baby (Alana) from three months to three years old and I am very happy to see her grow up, she taught me to see that there are certain limits in life, she is a little girl who has a hard time with limits, but she learned very well and with each passing day she understands much more, now she has a little sister named Lucía, a very beautiful baby and I will always consider them my babies.

I worked with children with different disabilities, they give us a lot of wisdom on how to be more human, I like to teach other children that we are all the same, not to put anyone down, including and accepting with respect.

I would like to explain every detail but I would not finish expressing everything that these years have filled me with experiences.

I am a trustworthy nanny who works by vocation, I enjoy taking care of children so much that I consider myself blessed to have a job that I enjoy and love.

Thanks to the commitment I have to offer my knowledge, skills, charisma and empathy to a happy childhood, I am part of Nanny Heart.

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