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My name is Agustina Palacios Vicente, but I like to be called Agus.

I am 32 years old, I am a mother and I studied general nursing.

My favorite phrases are:

Energy and persistence conquer all things. (Robert Kennedy)

The art of winning is learned in defeat. (Simon Bolivar)

My experience as a responsible nanny, in a certain way, began with my little sister, the youngest; She was left under my care, while my mother worked, with my daughter I learned to be responsible and to take loving care of a little person who is so helpless in the absence of her parents... Later my cousins ​​came to take care of me and the house became a nursery, which I quite enjoyed, remembering is living again and they are really beautiful memories.

Later I had my 2 children who for me are my greatest treasures, with them I reaffirmed love, respect, patience, dedication, responsibility towards the little ones, beings so innocent that they deserve the best in this world.

I have always thought that the way I treat other children is the way I would like my children to be treated at some point in life.

My desire to study nursing began when I was very young, since I was somewhat sick until I was 10 years old and when I had to go to the hospital I met very friendly nurses in the service and others not so much; my dream is and will be to make a difference, I mean, the treatment that is given to the patient in such vulnerable moments, treating them well, making them feel confident, because if I have learned something in this generous and beautiful profession, not only the disease is due to physical discomfort but also to the soul, it is not only medicating according to medical instructions, but also listening to them and comforting them and in this way we help them much more.

Nanny Agustina - Nanny Heart

You can be sure that your little one will be left in good hands, I have the knowledge to attend in case they have a fever, falls, or require the administration of medications, injections, nebulizations (with a prescription).

I like to dance (I don't know very well, but I enjoy doing it, and with children I know that I can open up without fear of feeling bad), I know how to cook, I like to read, I like to put together puzzles and I feel prepared for whatever comes.

I consider myself a responsible, honest person, dedicated to what he does, very loving.

Currently I joined the Nanny Heart team, where I offer my quality and satisfactory service to each family that requires me to care for their little ones.

I hope very soon you can check it out.

Laughter has no time

imagination has no Age

and dreams

are Forever.

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