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Gabriela Margarita Oxte Balam

24 years old

Law degree

I have many favorite phrases, but the most important are these:

*Educating in love and not in fear is one of the most wonderful things we can do.

*The little ones are angels sent to earth.

*As sweet sayings are honey, they feed the soul and are medicine to the bones.

*Educating the little ones with patience and love makes them want to learn, grow and fly.

*Everything that is done with love grows and flourishes.

*Big things come in small packages.

*Good things come to those who know how to wait.

*Sometimes you win and sometimes you learn.

Hi how are things! It fills me with joy and it is a pleasure for me that you can visit my profile.

Nanny Gabriela - Nanny Heart

I'll tell you a little about myself.

My name is Gabriela Oxte Balam and I like to be called Gaby. I am single and originally from Cancun, Quintana Roo. I am currently part of the Nanny Heart family, and it fills me with joy and happiness to be able to share all my affection and love with all the little ones.

I live with my parents and I am the eldest daughter. My brother is 6 years younger than me, so when he was little I liked to take care of him and carry him.

As part of my professional career, I did my social service in a basic education institution and from that moment I discovered my great interest in education - teaching. I really liked the idea of ​​teaching, motivating, caring, supporting and serving for the care of boys and girls. I always wanted to study a degree in education sciences or pedagogy, but at the time it was not possible for me. However, I am very happy and grateful because life itself has given me the opportunity and has opened the way for me to develop personally and professionally doing the things I love; one of them and of great esteem is THE CARE AND TOTAL DELIVERY TOWARDS THE BEAUTIFUL LITTLE ONES.

My knowledge and my professional background have helped me to develop a series of fundamental skills, such as a great facility for interpersonal communication and problem solving. My work methodology focuses on carrying out activities and games with boys and girls, as well as school support for academic tasks.

Nanny Gabriela - Nanny Heart

My first babysitting job lasted 1 year and 5 months. I keep wonderful moments in my mind and heart. A wonderful and beautiful relationship as a nanny and friend with the little girl as well as with the mother. What I value most is that I achieved more than I imagined. With this, I am trying to say that it was not just about providing a service, but that I managed to create a great bond of trust and affection with the minor and also with the mother, I could say that we formed a family where laughter and fun were lived. Despite the fact that the family moved abroad and having finished time with them, I am proud to say that I learned many things from the girl I was caring for and I know that we will both remember each other with much fondness and love.

As a human being, I can say that we achieve happiness when we know how to make the little beings around us happy, because innocence and transparency are learned from them.

I love my job, because every little human being is different and special, with unique qualities. Every laugh is one more hope to this world. All children color our beautiful world.

Your little prince or little princess will be in good hands, they will be able to have a nanny by their side and also a good companion to play, laugh, have fun and learn. You will have a nanny who can give you confidence, peace of mind and security.

My qualities:

I can say that I am a very responsible, punctual, proactive, sweet, affectionate, empathic, honest, patient, respectful, organized and clean nanny. I like to create trust, be attentive and polite. I enjoy seeing children laugh, I like to sing, read, go for a walk, do crafts, carry out activities inside and outside the house. Education and childcare is my passion.

Nanny Gabriela - Nanny Heart

What I like most about children:

They are all very imaginative, energetic, intelligent and noble.

My favorite hobbies:

  • Reinforcement in the teaching of letters, numbers and colors.
  • Activities and educational games and entertainment according to the age of the little one.
  • Tell stories.
  • Management of emotions.
  • Daily routine (Take the little one to the parks and playgrounds).
  • Making crafts.

At Nanny Heart we have what the little ones are looking for and need. We are committed and your trust is of great value. We would love to be able to support you, give you security and confidence with your beautiful little one!

Each one of the little ones carries in the table of their hearts: treat me with affection, love and patience, because I have dreams!

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