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I invite you to know about me, what I have prepared for you with much love:

Favorite phrases:

  • Being positive is not pretending that everything is fine but seeing the good in everything
  • Confidence in yourself is the first secret of success
  • I deserve, accept and receive all the abundance that the universe has for me

My name is Abigail, I am 20 years old and I am studying a Bachelor of Nursing; My CPR is up to date and I am part of the Nanny Heart Babysitting agency.

I have always liked children, since I was a girl I always had the idea that my job would be to work with children or babies, since in my family we are many and there were always small children and I liked to take care of them all the time, it is an age in which I find very tender and cute.

My experience with children has been long and positive; In the family and friendship area, I have cared for children from newborns to 10-year-olds, I try to make invented games, so that they learn to speak clearly and always in a good way, make them learn things by doing fun activities in such a way that they do not get bored and try to practice more and more

Nanny Abigail - Nanny Heart

My first service at Nanny Heart was with a baby of just 2 months, it was really nice a new experience to be able to live with another family; I felt very comfortable with the baby and I really liked the service, the mother was very nice and gave me the confidence to be with him.

I can support them to take care of their children at home, parties, at night (depending on whether the schedules are flexible for me), trips (it would be the case to discuss it) or at any event; I know how to swim and I adapt to changes.

If there is something that gives confidence to any parent, it is knowing that the nanny they have hired has experience; and experience is a factor that must be given special importance if we care for a baby or a small child between 2 and 10 years of age.

I really like interacting with children doing creative activities or where they can express themselves; my intention is that children feel comfortable and happy having fun while we learn.

You can count on my service when you need it, for me it is a pleasure to be able to help you in caring for your children, it makes me very happy to live with the little ones and that they trust me to do so.

Nanny Abigail - Nanny Heart

You can have the confidence of being able to leave your children with me, they will always have good attention and good supervision. Also be sure that we can reinforce the teachings that the little one needs to better stimulate their learning.

I invite you to learn more about my work and that of my colleagues at Nanny Hearty so that you give me the opportunity to take care of your little ones by visiting the official page on Facebook, remember that we are in Puerto Vallarta and Quintana Roo, taking care of what you love most in the world.

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