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Furniture for early stimulation in high-density foam and Pikler, complementary sets of batteries, house and slide for children between 6 months and 4 years old.

Exclusive packages for events and early stimulation workshops.

We want children to feel free to play on the furniture, always placing themselves in risk-free and spacious areas so that they can create different imaginative versions.

The basis of offering these furniture is to stimulate and entertain the little ones, offering this service for private events or giving workshops for the cognitive and physical development of children, since we work hand in hand with professionals within the areas of pediatric physiotherapy and who give personalized and group advice, workshops with professionals must be booked 15 days in advance and will have an independent quote.

We also have extra services to complement your events: Easel, inflatable and jumper painting workshop, fine and vegan pastries, face painting, decoration and Candy Bar, among others.

We always take care that the little ones are protected with our sanitation methods when delivering and removing the furniture.

We want children to have an extraordinary time.

Service with furniture of: Balls, module, Montessori kit and mats + a nanny for 4 hours = $ 2,500.-

Service with furniture of: Balls, module, Montessori kit and mats + 2 nanas for 4 hours = $ 3,500.-

* The lullaby is only for support in games.

** The option of a babysitter is for a maximum of 6 children.

** Does not include transportation of the Nanas.

*** 2 hours are required for assembly and disassembly (apart from 4 hours for use of the furniture).


To reserve your date, you must set aside 50% in advance, attaching a copy of the contractor's INE.

Settlement on the day of the event, at the end of the placement of the contracted package.

$ 1,000.00 deposit for furniture guarantee (refundable) the same day of the event, once it has been verified that there is no damage to the furniture.

Without exception, payment is made after assembling the furniture.


1.- Delivery and collection of the furniture, the day of the event or at the end of the contracted hours. (Within the city of Playa del Carmen), for other places, transfer will be quoted.

2.- The furniture is delivered disinfected and sanitized on the spot.


Check if your guests are children from 3 months to maximum 4 years of age, they are the ones who will occupy the furniture, since they are mobile games of early stimulation.

The furniture must be placed in a safe area that you will assign. Check for space.

The furniture will not be able to get wet, scratched, cut, bitten, try to change something.

The furniture must remain in the place assigned for delivery and will be dismantled there.

In all cases, it will be used with socks.


The use of flammable materials, inks, and sharp points are prohibited in the playing area.

Food and drinks in the games are prohibited.

Children must always be supervised by an adult.


    In case of cancellation by the contracting party, it must be made a maximum of 5 business days prior to the date of the event with a penalty of 25%, attaching a copy of the INE.
    The contractor may exchange his event for another date he chooses as long as the furniture is available without penalty.
    In case of cancellation on the day of the event and with the furniture in place, the penalty is 100% of the advance.
    Pets of any kind in and on the furniture.
    Sitting adults or children of legal age on the furniture.

The $ 1,000.00 security deposit will cover the repair of the furniture or any damage caused at the venue or during the event.

Nanny Heart staff will have the freedom to remove the furniture in case of noticing improper use or not following the supplier's recommendations.

Thank you for thinking of us for the fun of your little ones on a special day.

Reserve 50% in advance, minimum 15 days before the event.

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