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24 years old, Graduated in Psychology.

Hello! It makes me very happy to have this space where I can tell you a little about myself.

I grew up in a very nice town surrounded by friendly people. My passion for helping people was born when I was little and accompanied my parents in their work as members for human rights.

It makes me very happy to care for and protect the little ones; When I was 12 years old I decided to volunteer at a Community Cultural Center in my community, where I helped the little ones with school and extracurricular activities, we did crafts and dynamics, I loved doing these activities with the children, seeing them have fun filled me with joy, Since then I discovered my passion for education and the development of children, for me it has always been very important to create strategies that help children grow up safe, brave, happy, many times in my work as a volunteer I face great challenges because some children showed difficulty integrating into activities, a fear that in most cases came from not feeling capable of completing the activity successfully.

Motivating them to let go of that fear became one of my main objectives, with the tools I had at my young age I managed to create a significant change in the lives of the children, because today after so many years they see me and remember me with affection. What I did to help them with fear was accompany them in their activity, remind them that it was a process and we could make it fun, no matter how many times we might fail, because we could try again.

I am empathetic and helpful to people, responsible, patient, attentive, honest, careful, cheerful, I have the ability to easily adapt to the needs of each child and I consider it extremely important to create a bond of trust and respect with them to make them feel safe and form a beautiful friendship.

As a child I was curious about the behavior of people, I observed when a child was sad or felt displaced by other children and that made me very sad, I thought that no one should feel like this when they are small, so I would go over to talk to them and invite them to play, he always had ideas for different games that we could have fun with.

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Now that I'm older I always try to help in the same way, this time with better tools than when I was little. "Be the adult you needed when you were a child" I have this phrase engraved in my memory because it reminds me how important it is for a child to feel listened to, loved and protected, to be able to count on a kind adult who can help them find the tools to live happier, feel more sure of themselves and accompanied at each stage.

I like to prepare myself every day to give a better service, I am very excited to discover new things with the little ones. One of my favorite things is exploration. When I have the opportunity to be with the little ones, I always seek to encourage in them that ability that we all have to explore. Curiosity is so natural and I have the opportunity to see their faces of astonishment at things they were unaware of. of the world is an incredible gift and with it help them find their passion for art, sports, science, reading, nature, dancing, etc.

Taking care of little ones has always been one of the things that I am most passionate about, I have learned so much from them and I have had the opportunity to teach them as many things as possible to accompany them in their discovery of the world and encourage them in each stage of their childhood. . I feel great satisfaction when I finish a nanny service and the little ones hug me and ask "when are you coming back?", with this I discover that I manage to create a sincere bond with them.

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