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I invite you to know about me, what I have prepared for you with much love:

Favorite phrases:

  • Where did we get the crazy idea that for a child to behave well, we first have to make him feel bad? - Jane Nelsen.
  • Your body is a temple, take care of it; your mind is energy, direct it; your soul is projection, represent it.
  • When you do things with love and thinking about doing good for the other, you never lose.

My name is Denisse Torres, I am 26 years old and I have degrees in Childcare and Psychology, as well as my updated CPR and I have been part of the Nanny Heart Babysitting agency for a year and a half.

My academic achievements include the following:

  • Positive discipline course in early childhood.
  • Psychological first aid course.
  • Certified course in babysitting.
  • Course prevention of violence against adolescents.
  • Course in first aid in infants.

Nanny Denisse Torres - Nanny Heart

From an early age, most of my work has been focused on children, with time and experience I have learned 3 basic things for their care and learning; Give them a lot of Love, achieve a healthy Connection and Mutual Respect.

My work experience with adolescents and children is extensive and I am happy to share a little of it below:

  • As a resident teacher, I discovered a connection with children of different ages and at the same time being able to learn from myself, the facility to get along easier with them, working with little ones encouraged me even more the vocation to learn from them, much more than them from my.
  • Later I worked at 2 Kids Club where the hours of fun never ended, and they gave me the opportunity to develop the ability to care for and direct more than 10 children at the same time, with many hours of adventure for everyone.
  • I currently work as an assistant educator at the Ameyali school, in the second year of preschool, with experience in the beginning of graphomotricity, which are the strokes prior to writing.

My passion for life has important areas; my family that becomes that motor from day to day in my life, even reading, drawing and crafts, I like to be tested on my own abilities and always give my best.

Nanny Denisse Torres - Nanny HeartI was discovering that children need to feel that they belong and that they are capable of achieving many things autonomously, my mission as a nanny is not only their care, but also the development of their skills and abilities, educating them in harmony with their environment and learning to express their feelings through art, that they feel happy and have fun, and that you, as a mother, feel the trust and security of their care.

I invite you to learn more about my work and that of my colleagues at Nanny Heart, and thus give me the opportunity to take care of your little ones.

Don't forget to visit the official page on Facebook, remember that we are in Puerto Vallarta and Playa del Carmen, taking care of what you love most in the world.


Denisse articles on the Nanny Heart Blog:

Educating with Love

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