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Ingrid Jeaina Payén Álvarez

27 years old

Favorite phrases:

  • Self-knowledge is given, in the degree of congruence that sustains the SELF. (Ingrid Payen)
  • If we identify with only this physical aspect, we will be limiting all our potential, which is infinite. (A sage)
  • Feel to believe.

I was born in the spring of 1996, I was an only child, which allowed my parents and I to have communication as the main focus, respect and peace, a lot of peace.

I feel that I am characterized by the capacity of resilience and transformation, when I detect that something is not congruent in life I can feel it, I have a sensitivity to my emotional and energy states and the environment where I am.

I developed artistically for 20 years in ballet and contemporary dance.

I studied English accompanied by primary, secondary and high school, until I finished my cycle in the educational system, I graduated as a Bachelor of Environmental Engineering.

I started giving dance classes to boys and girls since 2018, however, my connection with childrens  in general of any age has been deep, since always, when I live with them they find it difficult to believe my age, I adapt, I understand them easily, I have a clear and sincere connection.

Ingrid Álvarez - Nanny Heart - Playa del Carmen

Now that I’m at the Nanny Heart agency, I started taking care of 1 year old babies; it seems to me that it is a time of tranquility and an opportunity to clarify my energy and to learn how to care how I use it, as I notice how our moods and thoughts as well as the level of our attention, makes them happy or just being.

I have attended a couple of first aid courses for adults and another for children.

With older children I am dedicated to teaching environmental awareness, emotional awareness and awareness of your body (Yoga, meditation, physical training, cooking)

I am currently a teacher at the College CAT Educational Center, sharing my walking and growing with children from 3 to 12 years.

I decided not to have children of my own because of the current world situation, my vision and convictions guide me to sustain the energy of communities with a focus on accompanying the walk of children sharing or participating in showing forms, direction and parameters that sustain love and inner potential.

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