Yenire Magaña - Nanny Heart

27 years old, graduated in Psychology.

English 60%

Favorite phrases:

Life is serious business, but not enough to make you forget to have fun on life's journey.
To flourish, only patience is needed.
Children respond to your loving nature.

I grew up taking care of my younger siblings and also taking care of myself. In my own flesh I understand the challenges that a child goes through in their childhood and how important it is for our children to have the presence and loving guidance of an adult in their lives.

I have always been attracted to the frank honesty of children, their laughter and their innocence; I suppose in many ways they trap and heal the girl within me.

My passion in life has many extensions, learning, reading, eating, dancing, playing music, going to the theater, laughing, sharing, playing, sleeping, loving, hugging, creating art; all from the freedom to be, to be who we are and what we are in constant change as individuals.

It is important for me not to forget my own essence as a child, to serve our children to help them grow up happy, receiving and giving love, trusting in their infinite creative capacity and in themselves.
I am a responsible person, capable and with genuine love to carry out the task of taking care of your children.

In one way or another I always find myself related to children, either by work or by simple causality in life.

Yenire Magaña - Nanny Heart

wink Nanny in restaurants, events and parties.

wink Experience of more than 5 years in the care of babies, children, adolescents and the elderly.

wink Instituto Gardner - Coordinator of Psychology - Management of groups of up to 17 children (from 1st to 6th), accompaniment to specific situations with students, workshops and group activities with intervention to specific problems. Accompaniment to parents.

wink Agile Learning Center - I participated in this project providing children 3 years and older with agile tools to promote self-directed learning.

wink Au pair - 6 months providing professional child care services in Connecticut, USA.

Undoubtedly, the greatest challenge that an adult goes through with a child is to unlearn their own structure, in order to return to the child the freedom and confidence of being.

My goal is the welfare of your children.

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