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21-year-old student of the degree in dental surgeon.

Favorite phrases:

  • To teach a child you need more heart than science.
  • All the most important learnings in life are taught by playing.
  • Remember that the dentist is not expensive, carelessness is expensive.

Since I was a baby I have been related in the world of babysitters, we are 3 brothers and since we were in our quarantine my mother left us in the care of nanitas since she is a teacher and worked all day.

I know how important it was for my mom to leave us in the care of someone else, her fear that we would not be well cared for, and the trust she had in our babysitter.

I have always said that children are sponges that absorb the good and the bad of the people in their care and it is up to us to make a strong and stable child.

What I enjoy doing the most in life is dancing folkloric dance, studying my university degree, my job as a babysitter and reading, my favorite writer is Carlos Cuauhtémoc.

Nanny Viridiana - Nanny Heart

My goal in life is to focus on the area of ​​pediatric dentistry since for me all problems, education, health start from childhood.

I am an organized, patient, honest, kind, creative person and above all many healthy and fun meals are prepared for the little ones in the house.

smile Experience of more than 4 years in the care of babies and children.

laughing Guarderia Tigger Nuevo Vallarta- performs work as an educational assistant in the maternal grade of children from 1 to 2 years of age.

wink Nannies for nutrition - I participated in this project in which I learned the correct portions in each stage, weight and circumstance of children from 6 months to 12 years.

smile Private babysitter for 9 months of triplets from their 40 days of birth.

laughing Private babysitter for a 3-year-old girl with a tracheostomy.

wink Volunteer in neonatal care at the Gómez Farías hospital in GDL.

My goal is the care, learning and fun of your children.

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