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29 years old, Lic. In Education Sciences.

 Favorite phrases

 God's times are perfect.

 Persevere, persist, and make that dream come true.

 A sign should be placed on each child that says: Handle with care, contains dreams.

My name is Selene, I finished my degree in Educational Sciences in the city of Valladolid Yucatán;  I consider myself a responsible, committed, punctual, kind, dedicated person and above all a person who loves what he does.

From a very young age I had contact with children as I grew up surrounded by cousins ​​who were very close to the family and they took care of me from the time they were newborns to 5 or 6 years old.  I confess that it was something that I really enjoyed doing.

I also remember that at one time we took care of the children of some teachers who gave classes in the community, at home we took care of them: feeding them, bathing them, sleeping them, among others.

Nanny Selene - Nanny Heart

As a result of all those experiences, I knew that I wanted to have a career where children were part of it, thus being the main reason for studying Educational Sciences and being a teacher, there I learned the true meaning of that word since it was not only about teaching or about Academically preparing a child implies entering their lives worrying and taking care of their well-being, really knowing their feelings and emotions, thus becoming a fundamental piece in their lives since in some way we become that support and refuge.

While we were in the race, they sent us to work in communities to demonstrate in some way what we had learned and the best way was to go to the work field, they assigned us a school and a group where we had to attend for a certain time.

The last place where I was It was in a primary school that was in Valladolid, that was where I learned to value children even more, take care of their feelings and above all the importance of leaving good memories engraved in their hearts because in that primary school I could see a lot of need, lack of attention to them and how being so little they were going through such difficult times;  I made it a point in my stay to make them happy every day, to be patient, to understand them and to be a motivation for them.

Nanny Selene - Nanny Heart

After university I returned to Cobá and I was there for 1 year in which I was working with younger children (preschool), at home I managed regularization classes and school support, there I supported children who had learning problems preparing them before entering primary.

I remember the joy that always invaded me when one of them had an achievement because they were excited and that also showed emotion in me, the fact of knowing that all the effort I made was worth it, every smile on their faces was worth it and it confirmed once more that he had chosen the best career.

I am currently in Playa del Carmen, 6 years ago I arrived in search of new experiences and opportunities.

My last job was at Happy Hands, a nursery where I learned more, I started in the infant area, as an assistant in which it involved giving the babies breakfast as well as changing the diaper and taking care of the nap in the same way in that area we work on early stimulation etc.

6 months later I spent as a head in the preschool area: here everything was different because the children already have a better language, they express themselves more clearly, with them I was 2 years where I taught classes in different training fields from thinking, mathematics, language, environmental exploration, etc.

Nanny Selene - Nanny Heart

At the beginning it was quite a challenge since I doubted that the children understood the teachings that I was giving them but with the passage of time they showed me how intelligent they are and how they have an enormous capacity to retain information.

Kindle 1 was an area where I was delighted, because the children spent it talking about their days at home, what they did, where they went, among others.

Being a babysitter has been and is the best experience I have had because being part of a little one changes your life, with a hug, a smile, an idea or even a mischief because with small attitudes they change your day and make them better already that they know how and when to get a smile.

At Nanny Heart we have what you are looking for to take care of your little ones because each of our experiences lived from our childhood, on how we knew that this is what we really want.  We know that trusting your little ones is sometimes difficult, but we are committed and we value that trust that is given to us, we are clear that our primary task is to give the best of ourselves for each of them.

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