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Nubia Calderon Torres

28 years old

Favorite phrases:

 "Knowledge and skill add up, but attitude multiplies."

 "Never give up without trying first."

 "The way we relate to each other demonstrates our level of maturity."

Hello, how am I Nubi and I will be delighted to be able to provide you and your little ones with a quality service. I will start by telling you a little about myself so that you have the confidence and certainty to leave me the care of your children. Professionally I have a degree in Physical Therapy, in addition to that I have specialized in the pediatric area taking some courses and more recently a certification in sensory integration which allows me to have a variety of early and sensory stimulation activities for your baby, girl or boy.

Personally I am a very active, kind and outgoing nanny who enjoys dynamic activities at home or outdoors, I like sports so I have played soccer, softball and volleyball, I like to sing, and read.

Nanny Nubia - Nanny Heart

Your child with me will have laughter and guaranteed fun without ever neglecting the family limits and their safety; I like to see how children learn by playing and always giving the right challenges for their age or abilities, I am very patient and I always try to motivate them to get out of their game routines because the more variety and exploration, the more learning and never left aside children's tastes and intentions.

I currently have 4 years of experience caring for infants ages 2-18 months and children ages 2-8.

I did my rotating internship at Shriners Hospital for Children in Mexico City; I did my social service at the CRIQ in the city of Chetumal where I was in charge of the early stimulation area. During my first jobs in Playa del Carmen I was an educational assistant at the Daycare nursery.

I chose this career always motivated by CRITs, since I was fascinated by the support and help that a Physiotherapist could provide directly to the development of children. I love and enjoy my work since children are totally different from us adults, they say everything they think and how they think it, without filters, they always have fun and see the world in so many shapes and colors that motivate me to see it a little like them and life with that vision is much better than black and white.

Nanny Nubia - Nanny Heart

During my career I have worked in different comprehensive child care centers, the last and most recent one was called Cisne, I currently have my own office where I continue to care for little ones with all kinds of diagnoses, ranging from motor injuries to social and behavioral dysfunctions. language like autism.

In my family I am the second of 3 brothers, so growing up being the one in the middle teaches you to stand out a little more than the older brother and try to have a little of all the attention of the younger brother, thanks to that is that I have achieved my goals and objectives and in the same way taught me to be a protector and guide of my younger sister, it was me who taught her to ride a bicycle, who motivated her to practice soccer in high school and her example of achieving a bachelor's degree, for my parents I have always been the most studious and with the best grades, a little fearful as a child and who always liked to follow the rules.

I grew up on a ranch in the state of Oaxaca and I always had cousins ​​or little friends who came to play at my home, so I had a really happy childhood making animals with green mangoes, making a slide, putting water on a slide that was at home, playing hide-and-seek, golf with lemons and branches, the doctor, secretary and the typical symbolic game of mom and dad and when I grew up the rounds of the wolf, doña blanca and hopscotch came, which still fascinates me and I play with my nephews and patients.

Nanny Nubia - Nanny Heart

My experience in child care was born from the first day I studied my degree, and has been reinforced over the years; my brothers becoming an aunt, I learned from tantrums, fights, naps, changing diapers, preparing the bottle and seeing food being thrown, spilled or the great idea of ​​using a plate as a hat during breakfast, this courtesy of the mischievous Bernardo At 14 months old, 3-year-old Cami taught me patience because she always has a story, a story about unicorns and princesses or a claim and accusation against her 8-year-old older brother. Emiliano, he, without a doubt, also reinforced my patience and taught me to be fair and observant to analyze tantrum or fight situations before declaring someone responsible to apologize.

I am a reliable nanny who works by vocation, I like taking care of children so much that I consider myself blessed to have a job that I enjoy.

I am responsible and educated with values. I like to teach in a playful and recreational way, to encourage the development of communication, socio-emotional, gross and fine motor skills, ideation and planning of motor actions, and daily and self-care activities to promote independence according to their developmental age. .

Thanks to the commitment I have to offer my knowledge, skills, charisma and empathy to a happy childhood, I am part of Nanny Heart.

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