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Hello! I'm Marisangel.

But many people call me by my nicknames, "Eme", Magis, Magic, Maja. However, I prefer to be called by my name. I'm 25 years old and I'm filling my life with color, learning, and movement.

My academic training is in physiotherapy, where I've completed two semesters, but my heart is in art and in a personal project I'm developing called "body consciousness". This project is a self-knowledge technique that I'm creating, and with which I hope to make a significant contribution.

As a multidisciplinary artist, I've had the opportunity to work for 5 years at Magical Dreams Entertainment, where I characterized Disney characters such as Evie from Descendants, Rapunzel, Ariel, Belle, among others. This experience allowed me to explore my creativity and enjoy the joy that art brings to the little ones.

In addition, I've had the chance to be a dance teacher for young people aged 13 to 21, urban dance for ages 9 to 13, acrobatics for ages 7 to 9, piano for girls aged 4 and 5, and English for different ages. All of this, guided by my love for teaching and connecting with people.

I've also been a nanny for two babies, children of my sister's friends, which has given me experience and understanding of the needs and dynamics of the smallest children.

Nanny Marisangel - Nanny Heart

Recently, I moved to Quintana Roo with my emocional assistence dog,”NALA” and Beto, with who I started developing KEISI PROJECT, a version of "body consciousness" for children.

This adventure has allowed me to deepen my understanding of childhood and enrich my approach to parenting.

If your little one is a great investigator, I'll be delighted to accompany them on their path of discovery. I'm fascinated by science topics and I always try to turn learning into a fun and playful activity, like looking for plants, then painting them, and writing about what we learned from them.

I'm loving, fun, and protective, and I also understand the importance of setting clear boundaries. I firmly believe in effective communication and mutual respect, and I always try to adapt my approach to the unique way each child expresses and receives love.

Additionally, I always bring painting and craft materials for those children with energies more directed towards creativity.

Nanny Marisangel - Nanny Heart

Finally, I consider children as my greatest teachers. Their unlimited and free perspective always inspires me and challenges me to see the world through their eyes.

In my spare time, I love to practice dance, study physiology, learn French, and develop my blog.


My favorite phrases are:

"The body is what makes us matter."

"Imagination comes before knowledge."

"Freedom in madness, what madness without freedom."

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