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Hello! How nice that you are here, allow me to introduce myself.

I am 23 years old, I was born in Guadalajara, Jalisco.

My love for the ocean, the warm temperature, the sounds of nature and the hundreds of beautiful landscapes, were what created the desire to continue my life plan in this paradise.

My favorite phrases are:

  1. “What we see changes what we know. What we know changes what we see ”. (Jean Piaget)
  2. "Any unnecessary help is an obstacle to development." (Maria Montessori) 3. “One of the many interesting experiences and hopes of the beginner in child analysis is to find in very young children even a vision capacity that is often much greater than that of adults. (Melanie Klein)

My personal interests:

  • Art and museums: releasing my stress, projecting my happiness or making paintings for simple aesthetics, my favorite technique is oil. 
  • Travel: getting out of the routine and enriching my life with new perspectives, cultures and experiences. 
  • Gastronomy: I love trying new dishes, I also enjoy experimenting new things in the kitchen. 
  • Family, partner and friends: for me it is important to dedicate time to living with my loved ones, enjoying their company, listening to each other, loving each other and making memories. 

Mariana Aceves - Nanny Heart

I am fortunate enough to be the daughter of two excellent and dedicated psychologists, my mother specializes in child psychotherapy and is a therapist with a psychoanalytic approach, and my father dedicated his work to a civil association dedicated to the prevention and rehabilitation of addictions. I lived my childhood surrounded by educational resources, information about the world of psychology, events and programs aimed at community help, all these events implanted my interest in mental health, social well-being and education. Growing up in a family of psychologists formed in me a human, empathetic, honest, upright woman with a big heart.

During my growth I always knew that I wanted to follow the same professional path as my parents, since I have always loved listening to people, guiding and helping where I can.

While I was in high school, a childcare friend invited me to work as a substitute teacher for a kindergarten, it was here that I discovered my love and ability to care for children. I enjoyed every moment of being able to see them marvel at new concepts with them, play with freedom and share genuine happiness.

I expanded my practice with children by working with a babysitting agency in Guadalajara for a year, where I had to be part of children's parties, give private services to more than 10 families and gain experience in autistic disorder being the exclusive nanny of a child within of the spectrum. Here I developed extremely strong bonds with the children I took care of and remain in some form of communication with all of them.

Personally, I am very organized and I like to prepare my services with activities, didactic material, games and music so that your children do not get bored for a single moment and we can take advantage of the time to learn new things adapting to their age and circumstances. I’m also an art fan, I enjoy painting and outdoor activities.

I can help your children with their homework, I know how to cook and I assure you that the space we are in will be tidy after my service.

Mariana Aceves - Nanny Heart

I like to constantly increase and update my knowledge. I have some additional qualifications & certified trainings

* Child care course. (Get trained for employment, October 2021)

* Basics of autism spectrum disorder. (Get trained for employment, October 2021)

*Certified in CPR and pediatric first aid. (Cruz Roja Mexicana, November 2021) 

I consider myself a faithful believer in education with love, respect and understanding. I understand that each child is in a different period of development and having a patient, tolerant and firm tutor by their side will help them exploit their abilities and autonomy.

Your peace of mind and trust is of the upmost importance to me. I take very seriously to have a talk with each parents prior to any service to know your rules, limits and preferences regarding the care of your child. I promise that during my supervision, you can have complete piece of mind to leave your children in the hands of a professional, responsible and punctual nanny.

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