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Hello, I am Jenny Monroy, I am 23 years old and have a 3-year-old baby. I studied administration and I have been taking care of little ones for more than 5 years.

My favorite phrases are:

-Never regret anything. Everything happens for a reason.

-It's amazing how something so tiny can make you feel something so huge.

-A little word of affection can be enough to fill a heart with happiness.

I am originally from Puerto Vallarta, I am 90% bilingual and I love working in the children's area.

I consider myself a very patient, loving, respectful, kind, responsible, punctual, honest and smiling person.

The first time I took care of a baby I was 11 years old and it was my 1-year-old nephew, I learned to change diapers and make bottles, I learned to be more patient, since caring for a baby who does not speak is seeing and to know him to know if he is hungry, sleepy or bathing when they cry, after 3 years his brother is born, and from then until today I consider them my babies, always attentive to them.

My first babysitting job was in Hospitality, at the Four Seasons, there I began to have CPR courses for minors, and I taught myself to maintain routines with the little ones.

Nanny Jennifer Monroy - Nanny Heart

I like to sing, dance and swim with the little ones, I always try to see what their favorite hobby is to be able to do many similar activities, children are a sponge, so I always try to teach them a little bit of everything so that they absorb what they like.

I have always had the ease of care from a very young age, I have been a regular nanny, to a kindergarten teacher; it is always a pleasure to see how each child is a different world, and how we must seek the best approach for each little person.

I have a 3-year-old baby, which is the most important thing in my life, since then I have lived first-hand what it is like to leave your little one in the care of someone else, and for that same reason I always try to give them the confidence and security that their little one will be in good hands, and will have a lot of fun.

My qualities:

-I am an orderly, clean and organized person.

-I always try to keep the little ones in activities that they like

-Teach something new a day

-Loving and patient


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