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Hello how are you, today I am going to tell you a little about myself, join me ...

I am 22 years old, I am currently studying a degree in nursing.

I have a first aid course and I love being part of the great Nanny Heart team.

How did my love of caring for children start?

I can assure you that curiosity and that spark for caring for children was born in me since childhood, a perfect memory that I very much enjoyed playing mother with little toy dolls, taking care of them in an imaginary hospital and being a teacher together with my friends.

Reaching my adult age, I did not hesitate to study something related to care, I have always liked health sciences and my career was a perfect decision to be able to do what I love and be able to feel fulfilled.

My experience with caring for children has been very pleasant and enriching in many aspects; it has taught me that babysitting is a job that requires great personal and professional courage, aimed at responsible, loving care and with a lot of vocation.

Our work within the services goes beyond just supervising our little ones, as a Nanny Heart team, we seek to educate and teach through activities that can strengthen their knowledge and skills within their sensory and cognitive development; through dynamics, psychomotor games, literacy activities, language strengthening, improving their intellectual and physical autonomy, as well as specialized support for any special educational need.

Itzel Buenrostro - Nanny Heart

I am always excited to start a new service, because I know that it will be a completely new and unforgettable experience, in which I will be able to learn and have a lot of fun with the little ones and that I will be able to leave a positive part of me in the family with whom I will share.

Remember that "The child's job is to make mistakes and learn, mine as a babysitter is to make him feel happy and capable in each of our services."

I invite you to follow us on all our social networks and that you can meet our great team of babysitters, willing to care with vocation, responsibility and love.

Remember that we have professional Nanny service in Puerto Vallarta and Playa del Carmen.

Thank you!

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