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My name is Daniela, I am 29 years old, I am the mother of 2 children, a 13-year-old teenager and a 7-year-old little boy.

Favorite Phrases:

  • Enjoy the present, here and now.
  •  Treat others as you like to be treated yourself.
  • Respect is the key to being happy, respect what others think, dress, speak, without judging and giving opinions, because each head is a world, and we are all different.

I consider myself a fun nanny, I like to dance, sing, run, I am patient, calm, loving, I love listening to them, I have always thought that children are the treasure of humanity, they with their smile and being so pure, clean and noble make this world a better place, every time I live with a little one, they taught me enormous lessons (our little ones are great teachers).

I am creative, I like to make crafts with recycled materials and some other experiment 😊, I always come up with something special to do or play with them, I also focus a lot on the child's tastes and preferences, all children are very different, each small has different tastes and character and not all the time they are in a good mood, I always observe all these aspects in children and on top of that, focus on the activities that we could do day by day. 

I like to paint, make figures with plasticine, coloring is one of my favorite activities, it speeds up their fine motor skills, apart from developing their creativity and imagination

I know how to swim and I really like making sand castles! I know how to bake cupcakes and delicious shortbread cookies in electric ovens 😊.

Daniela Torres - Nanny Heart

My taste for child care began when I was 9 years old, taking care of a nephew of mine, I discovered that he had that patience and enjoyed taking care of him so much and satisfying all his needs, changing his diaper, giving him his bottle, singing to him or relaxing him if he had a little tantrum, bathe him etc.

Years later I had the fortune to take care of 2 little ones for almost a year, and they were the ones who sparked my interest in focusing my studies on Child Psychology.

Dealing with parents is also very important for me, I consider that I have the ability to connect with people easily, for me it is basic because that makes the trust between parents and nanny grow, that helps to have a healthy coexistence and better communication for among all to always see for the good for the little one.

I love pets! I can live without any problem with puppies and cats.

I hope that my profile is to your liking. I have the confidence that your children are cared for with much love, they will have fun and spend a very pleasant time with me.


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