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My name is Martha and I am 36 years old. I have lived in Playa del Carmen for more than 16 years.

I am an educational assistant and entrepreneur of an online store of skin care products and spa technology, always looking for more opportunities every day.

My favorite phrases:

  • "Let it be noticed that you are different, not because of your bag, your clothes, or what adorns you, but because of your humble heart ❤️"
  • "Generosity is what prevents things from taking over us"
  • "I am open to listening to all opinions. I am a super fan of people who want to use words to fix or improve everything, after actions"

I consider myself a fun, flexible, cheerful, professional, and versatile nanny! I like to dance, sing, do yoga, meditate, read, and explore my city.

I am patient, calm, loving, and I love to observe how the children feel with me. I believe that children are the most sincere, loving and noble people in the world, that is why we must be very careful how we treat them.

Each child is extremely special, and unique. When I take care of a child I learn a lot from them, it reminds me how beautiful and wonderful life is in the pure eyes of a happy heart. I am spontaneous, but I also like to respect the rules of each family, and above all listen to the children, what they want to do or what they enjoy😊, ensuring that they have the best time in my care, I always think of something fun to do or playing with them, something that I notice calms them a lot and that they enjoy is being outdoors observing everything around them: trees, birds, listening to sounds, it is very relaxing.

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If they have material at home we do a bit of reinforcement work, just to keep up, if they have homework or activity to do we do it, and then we take a fun moment to jump, run or relax, enjoy the present.

I like to color, I love mandalas and it is an activity that I enjoy with preschool and elementary school children, putting together puzzles, chess, each child requires a lot of different attention and it is my pleasure to help them.

My taste for child care began when I was 29 years old when I finished my degree and I didn't have any offers in my area. I met Paula, director of Meninos del Mar, who gave me the opportunity to be on her team and to train. Knowing education in children, I liked it a lot, I found patience and talents that I did not know I had.

I worked in my career, it was excellent, but I was not happy. I looked for a job at the Octavio Paz school with nursery children

It is worth mentioning that communication, trust and respect with parents is essential for me. Since we are all one environment, to have harmony and flow as a team for the well-being of the infant is also essential. 

I hope that my profile is of interest to you. You can have the confidence that your children will be cared for with much love, security and respect, and that they will have fun with all freedom and precaution.

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