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Who am I and why am I 👩🏻 🍼💜?

Hello I am Citlaly or "Laly" for the little ones who still can not speak well 🥰

I have spent my entire life in this beautiful Puerto Vallarta, born and raised in this sea 🌊 

My most beautiful childhood memory was when my mom told me that my name in Nahuatl means STAR ⭐ ️ my amazement was so immense that I love to create the same feeling by teaching children new things.

I consider myself a brave, intelligent, protective, loving and outgoing woman. For me the most important values are honesty, freedom, love and respect, sharing and promoting these values in the little ones generates a feeling of enormous satisfaction 💜

As the extroverted nanny that I am, I love to exploit the skills of children, I really like singing, dancing, talking and being able to connect with all kinds of personalities 😋

I am currently studying aviation to be a purser and during my basic studies (Primary, Middle and High School) I took courses in many things such as music, theater, self-defense, swimming, first aid and languages (English, French and German) where I discovered the love to know other cultures, countries and people.

Nanny Citlali - Nanny Heart

In the workplace the first time I worked as a nanny I had the young age of 16 years which gives me a good stretch of experience in this area, working as a nanny became more a passion for me, than a job, is what I dedicate 100% today and something that makes me very happy. 💖

When I started working as a nanny I used to take care of children over 5 years old since for me it was easier and did not present such a big challenge, however, more than two years ago I decided to venture into practice with the little ones, I began to take care of a baby of only 2 months and what I least expected happened,  I fell in love 🥰

Now although I love working with children of any age I think I feel very comfortable working with babies 👶🏻 I love everything that has to do with taking care of and protecting these little ones who still can not fend for themselves and if... even changing diapers 😋

Caring for babies I have learned the importance of Being and letting Be, of the development of each one as an individual, such things as the "Montessori method" and the "responsible accompaniment" to see things from different perspectives of upbringing and support.

Nanny Citlali - Nanny Heart

As a nanny I have learned and grown so much from the hand of many little ones that today they still ask their parents to take care of them and that for me is my greatest reward, to see a baby grow with love, to help a child who needs to be understood, listen and support those who need it,  all always with the warm love of a nanny 👩🏻 🍼

Here are some quotes I love to share with kids:

⭐️"If you let out all your fears, you will have more space to live all your dreams."

⭐️ "The only impossible thing is what you don't try."

⭐️"Maybe I haven't reached my goal yet, but today I'm closer than yesterday."

⭐️" Fall a thousand times and get up another thousand. That's what life is all about."

⭐️"Do you know what's best about hitting rock bottom? That you can only do one thing: Go up!


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