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Who is Nanny Araceli?

Degree in Educational Sciences, committed to education, and eager to learn new things.

Hello, my name is Araceli, and I will tell you a little about myself and the reason why I like working with children:

My motivation to work with children was given to me from a very young age, I remember that I always played at being a teacher so that my students would know the vowels, the numbers, to play with them, to sing to them and to teach them, that we would learn by playing. Working with them from 43 days old to 11 years old; I worked in a nursery as an educator where the interaction with the infants is daily and very pleasant. I love to sing songs to them and see how they try to mime a song.

I adore children, I am used to developing recreational and educational activities for children of all ages, I love living with them and doing activities to help develop and stimulate their cognitive, physical and emotional development.

I have always considered that infants are the basis for a better society since we can intervene to sow in them love, respect, education, tolerance and good values.

The experiences that the services that I have performed as Nanny Heart have given me are very pleasant and have left me with many lessons; It's very nice when parents trust you and take care of you, it also feels when they show it to you, either with a detail or simply by asking you, how are you, Araceli? how do you feel?, that they tell you that they are very satisfied with your work and that they feel happy because you are with them.

Nanny Araceli - Nanny Heart

During my experiences working with children I have also come across some tantrums as children, but to know how to cope with the situation, it is only knowing how to stay calm, be patient and understand the child, that is the basis of everything and for everything.

We know that most tantrums occur because children do not know how to express what they feel and we must help them regulate their emotions and teach them to express what they feel in another way.

I consider myself a creative, responsible, patient person with a great ability to adapt to children from different backgrounds. I really like to dance, go for a walk, watch documentaries and listen to music.

My purpose is to continue learning and preparing myself to continue helping in the process of children's development, it is for this reason that I took a diploma in educational innovation, childcare course, the importance of the educator during early childhood and disability in early childhood. childhood the goal is to continue reinforcing my knowledge and leave a mark on children.


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