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Hi my name is Amelia Monserrat Martinez Patiño 

I am 28 years old, I am a childcare technician with a degree in Psychology.

Favorite phrases.

°Confidence is essential, it is up to us to reinforce it or disappear it.

°Everything makes sense, let´s go easy.

°Each one at his own pace and to his happiness

I am originally from Puerto Vallarta Jalisco but now I reside in San Vicente Nayarit Bahia de Banderas.

I consider myself very active person, I really like to fight and go for what I what, I am not satisfied by giving the minimum and I always give the maximum ☺ I really like to have the initiative in some situations since I like to give solutions quickly and well done of course! I am very outgoing and I like to ask about everything that is not clear to me in order to give a good understanding and reach good agreements. I am a lover of respect and fairness; I always look for a way for everything to flow beautifully since everything is achieved with the heart.

Nanny Amelia - Nanny Heart

My passion for taking care of children started when I was little, I was the last the of 4 siblings and always wanted to have someone in my care since they all took care of me because I was the youngest. My dreams have always been to be a teacher in order to provide some teaching to others.

Over time I was trained to try to achieve my goals, I started working in a nursery for five years there I learned from the basics how to change diapers, learn songs for children, the toilet training process and even first aid courses every semester, everything that involves having child physically and mentally well.

I am very grateful to this nursery since I grew up in many aspects, due to my abilities, the they invited me to give conferences to parents who at the end of our conferences thanked us and congratulated us for what we managed to do.

It is very comfortable to know that you are contributing a grain of sand in the development of children and parents in those moments.

As time went by, y did not stop studying I was about to finish my degree in psychology and I had to lean towards doing internships whit adults or children and the without thinking I went whit the children since I felt like a fish in water in that field because of my feelings. Past experiences.

Nanny Amelia - Nanny Heart

I finished my degree and started as a manager in a playground when  I will go free where my function there was to keep the park in good condition for the children, play with the children, encourage children´s parties among many other things. Time passed and I met a mom in the park who was looking for a permanent Nanny. I decided to work with her for about seven months. In those months, I saw her newborn baby grow up and we handled toilet training with hers, another little one of hers, together we did many beautiful things.

How everything in not forever ends ties with them because now a new little person came to my life, this is how I became a mother and I can see from another perspective the care and immense responsibility that one has towards children, since now my baby is 3 years old and I really enjoy each of its stages although sometimes it makes me nostalgic to see how the time in it but what are we going to do if it the law of life.

I love what I have done and what I want to do, contribute more so that our little ones are incredible in all aspects, that is why I am part of Nanny Heart.


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