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My name is Amairany. I am 25 years old, I am a Private English Teacher.

Favorite phrases:

You deserve what you dream.

All we need is Love.

Do everything in life as if it were the last thing you do.

I started helping my friends and my younger relatives to better understand the English language, I liked it so much to feel useful and as an example, as I got older I continued doing this, now as an occasional tutor, until I was of legal age and could do it independently. professional way.

Since I was 18 I have been a teacher of children, adolescents and adults. Little by little I made myself known to all my friends and acquaintances and on one occasion I had the opportunity to offer my services at a local talent fair.

When the online modality began, I also began to work supporting during the class with the children in front of a computer, which many times they do not understand or it is difficult for them. What I did was simply be there for them and explain face to face. Supervising their exercises and supporting them with homework.

Amairany Muñoz - Nanny Heart

The best thing I discovered during my journey of what I like to do was that being surrounded by small children is what I am passionate about because it fills me with love, peace and tranquility. Knowing how to communicate with them is one of my strengths. Getting them to connect with me and feel confident is great for me.

I have learned much more than I thought, children should be loved and know their importance in our lives.

I believe that knowing first aid is essential for everyone, not only for babysitters, I am trained in first aid for children and I keep updating, reviewing and practicing the techniques learned.

Something that I really like to teach children is to be interested in reading, reading stories, stories, since I love books.

I enjoy singing and swimming things that I do quite well, I know how to draw, which no doubt all children love, art is great for a child's soul and imagination.

I know how to cook and it is one of my passions. During high school I chose gastronomy training. I know how to prepare healthy snacks, cookies, desserts, etc.

Amairany Muñoz - Nanny Heart

✔ Experience of more than 6 years in the private teaching of English as a second language.

✔ Experience in caring for children from 3 to 7 years old.

✔ 1 year experience supporting at home for online classes as a tutor.

My professional experience with babies is short, but I know how to treat a newborn and not lose myself in the abyss or not knowing what to do… I practically grew up surrounded by them and had to take care of them.

I assure you that when I am taking care of children, there is nothing else; I become super hero.



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