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Favorite phrases:

'It is never too late to have a happy childhood' (Tom Robbins).

`` Aging is mandatory, but growing up is optional '' (Walt Disney).

'Teach the children, and it will not be necessary to punish the men' (Pythagoras).

Hello, how about my name is Airam Lizandy Piñón Campos, I am a bilingual nanny with 60% spoken and written English, I currently have 2 vaccines (AstraZeneca), for me it is wonderful to be part of this Nanny heart family why it has taught me and provided the opportunity to know more and love infants more.

I want to tell you the most relevant things about me, I am a responsible, optimistic and honest person, I really like taking care of children, learning and interacting with them, this helps me expand my knowledge.

In my spare time I like to share with my family and learn new things for childcare, I am 22 years old and I am currently studying for a degree in tourism business administration, which I know does not have much to do with childcare, but let me tell you about all the experience I have ...

I grew up in a very homely family where the main teaching was love and education, I always had a very happy and fulfilling childhood which is something that I am grateful to my family and that is what I always like to transmit.

Nanny Airam - Nanny Heart

My mother is a preschool teacher and she taught me how to deal with infants, basic things for care and learning, which strengthened me; My experience in the world of children is that since I was 12 years old I supported as a catechist in my neighborhood, I also got to give a regularization course within where I lived, when I was 14 I had the opportunity to start as a nanny in the neighborhood where I live There were around 10 children who I took care of there and they recommended me and it was how I gained a lot of experience, I helped with homework and work, taking care of the little ones and entertainment activities.

I am also the oldest of all the cousins ​​and brothers, so I always had to organize the games every party or event. The age range in my experience is from four months old to 12 years old.

What can I teach your son?

First of all, teach them that with love and dedication everything can be achieved, in addition to having the security and confidence in themselves to accomplish everything they set out to do.

For 6 years, I learned to do crafts, origami, and entertaining games, which I like to teach with the little ones, and that develops their creativity.

Nanny Airam - Nanny Heart

I can also teach your children some things, for example: memory games, jenga, lottery, making airplanes, milk drinks, etc., in English such as numbers, the alphabet, words or something that can work for them in their day to day.

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Thanks a lot!


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